Sunday, May 24, 2009

playing paparazzi again

It's not everyday that we get a celebrity in Dumaguete but yesterday Korina Sanchez was in town, as she is touring the country to help campaign for her husband-to-be, presidentiable Mar Roxas. Here's the popular and pretty Rated K host at the Delta Fast Craft Terminal, as she arrived from a brief trip to Siquijor.

Oh, Siquijor!

There are so many things about that island to rave about. Here's a brand new one: The Danish Lagoon where Korina and company stayed. It's a children's stories by Hans Christian Andersen inspired resort, with separate luxury villas named The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling, Clod Hans. It's an ultra modern resort with facilities that befit princes and princesses.

As for us, we didn't stay there but we did kayak to the beach of this hilltop resort early this morning. It was so, so fun to kayak in the rain especially because my rowing partner, Geena, was such a scaredy-cat she kept telling me to paddle close to the shore, very, very close to the shore that several times we were almost grounded in the sand! :-)

This is all for now. Hopefully, more later (in the later days to come).

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