Saturday, October 24, 2009


Surprise! I'm back, writing again, after a week of wandering in the limbo land of the plants and zombies. (I am getting very good at that game, heheh.) It's sem break in Silliman so the teachers and students are all in zombie mode. Relaaaax our brains, that's our motto during this three-week-vacation time, of which only one week is left. -_-

So what will I write about?

First, there's the swimming update. For several weeks now, since I started using the kickboard, there has been that element of dread each time I go to the pool. This is because swimming using legs only is superlatively tiresome for me. I could not finish the 50 meter pool length without one or two rests midpool. It has been so freakingly frustrating not to have the lung power, energy and leg muscle strength to finish even just one continuous lap.

Then one day this week, it so happened that Coach Meriam was swimming also, and she casually mentioned to me that the secret to finishing the lap is just to relax. In fact she swam with me (very slowly for her) as I kicked my way all the way from one end of the pool to the other, for the first time ever. I was ecstatic! It's really doable diay. Relax, relax, relax is my mantra now.

Second thing to write about... oh, that will be for tomorrow.

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Vk-mahalkaayo said...

ka sportlich gyd kaayo nimo.....mao na maintain imo beauty n figure.

ako, mibalik na pod ko ug walking, sugod na ko kay di madala ang bilbil, di na masoot akong mga jeans napalit diha,
goot na ug sayang kay gusto ko kaayo ang style and cutting sa jeans diha.

unsaon lami man pod sigi kaon uy, di ma-brake kan......

have a nice monday.........enjoy your sem.break.

parents ron, busy or TH kaayo to find funds for the coming school opening-enrollment na pod, ang tuition fees.