Sunday, October 18, 2009

i once wuz here

This is one of the classrooms on the second floor of Palma Hall at UP Diliman, where we had a conference over the weekend.

I felt like a ghost revisiting a fave old haunt, knowing full well that I can't go back to that time and place, yet wishing so anyway.


Nathan Manila said...


This is what I'll be doing tomorrow.

ness said...

Hala, naa ka Manila, Tsinkoy?

Kabalo ka, I went to Rodic's gyud and sampled their (shredded) tapsilog, upon your recommendation! Twas good!

Nathan Manila said...

I'm leaving in the morning. Naa ko interview sa German Embassy. However, I just got back from Bacolod, so I didn't have time to complete my papers, so I'll be using the UP Shopping Center again. :-)

Lloyd said...

Wow. That brings back memories, too. Thanks for posting that photo. Are there others? :-)

ness said...

Tsinkoy, good luck sa imong interview. Pag-practice na unya ug Ich Liebe Dich ug Achtung!

Lou, mao jud, memory lane emote kaayo. Other photos? Incredibly, that's the one and only UP photo I took during the three days that I was in our old campus. Ug ngano? Will tell you in a bit...

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

guten morgen, frau dr. ness,

genau, richtig, muss


ness said...

Danke vielmals!

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

nichts zu danken, frau dr.Ness,

aber, Er muss auch noch diese worter lernen: Eingang, Ausgang, Bitte, Danke, auf wiedersehen....:-)

essen und trinken nicht vergessen, auch.....hehehehe