Sunday, November 8, 2009


Okey, so this is like... one week late?

But since it's still November, I still want to post this here. If only because it's not a very common site in the Philippines, where instead of Halloween we have Tingkalalag, which means Time of Souls.


Kalabasa with lights


Sonia said...

wow, you're into the whole vibe, doc! go go go! Did you carve it yourself?

ness said...

hi Sonia,
no i didn't carve it, my friends did. cute sa?! :-)

nerak seyer said...

ling we always had this carved kalabasa when we were in su kay how about my mama kinder teacher. . .

ness said...

nerak seyer,
i meeshuu. dali diri Maguete, beh.
habeerday in advance. wheee!

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

nice kaayo imo halloween decors gyd.

bitaw, hapit na matapos ang n.vember,

pasko na pod.............pinaskohan nya ha? ayaw ra pusta, i-fax lang aron maabot

kadali ra sa panahon, dali man ta ani ma-@gols.te......heheheh

sigi, ari nako, laroy-laroy na pd ko kay wa nay lingawan.

take care...........