Sunday, November 1, 2009

yes, here it is

The blurb inside the ice cream tub cover says:

"One bite of our Macaroons and we're confident you'll agree they're one of the best. Moist and very chewy, they're made with lightly sweetened milk and mixed in with tender grated coconut shreds oven-baked to perfection. Scattered in a light , buttery classic vanilla ice cream, and swirled with rich caramel fudge, Macaroons in Vanilla ice cream is a combination that's classic and romantic.

We put our ideas where our taste buds lie. That's why at Selecta, we are committed to bring you an exceptional ice cream experience. We lavishly use only the finest milk, chocolates, nuts, and the choicest fruits that nature has to offer. This ice cream is made exclusively for your pleasure, from source to scoop. Created with so much passion, you can taste it.

This paper lining assures you of ice cream that is safely packed and handled with care. Enjoy!"

Wow. I think this is the first time I've actually read what's written on the paper covering the ice cream in the container. As I keep saying, I'm not much of an ice cream person. That's why I'm wondering why I have vivid mind images involving ice cream.


Driving out to Blue Bell Creameries in Brenham, Texas, in a van full of assorted relatives, having our picnic lunch in somebody's driveway, then laying down among the bluebonnets blooming on the hillsides, to have our pictures taken.

Savoring the absolutely fabulous three-layered chocolate parfait at the Broadway Centrum, in Quezon City, just a few minutes away from my post-grad dormitory.

Eating ice cream with peanut butter at the Insular Hotel in Dumaguete with someone who doesn't even remember that memory.


Sonia said...

Haha, you know what, doc, almost immediately after reading the blog before this one, I went out and tried to get some vanilla and macaroons. :-)

I have a tub waiting for me at my lola's place. yey!:-)

ness said...

Hahaha Enjoy! :-)

gigi said...

hi doc ness, funny sometimes when we get to read these copies: i too never get to read selecta copies. i love ice cream and am certainly missing those quaint ice cream houses in old manila where they serve skyscraper, ernie and bert, daredevil etc. my most recent vivid memory of ice cream is that at sebastian's at SM, eating an ice cream sandwich with a dear dear person. memories...

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

galaway ko sa imo sulat diri,
how i wish to taste it.
lamia siguro ani sa?

ako giloto ron? if kono kalag2x.

binignit?....only sago, gabi, nangka-cans,bilog2x made of malagkit flour n tuno sa lata.....

lami na, pero wla appetite kay ako raman gakaon...........

have a nice weekdays ahead.......

ness said...

@Doc Gigi,
Yes, mag-emote tayo! hehehe :-)

ness said...

Did you know binignit is my number one favorite Visayan snack? I can eat that for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all snacks in between. Tinuod pa.

martiansu said...

I only eat Rocky Road and vanilla, sorry.:) Hey, i'm such a dweeb! Didn't get back to my blog (or yours or anyone's for that matter)---since that last post a year ago from St. Luke's!! Hezzz! But i'm thinking bloggy thots lately, so maybe there's hope for me now.
Hey, your site has really evolved, my friend! Super tekky ka na! I'm still living in the dinosaur era compared to you, boohoo. Miss you, Ling!

ness said...

Dear lady from mars,

I wanna hear those bloggy thoughts right here right now!

I love it that you think I am soo techy, wheee!! LOL