Friday, January 29, 2010

Top Less

I've been Top-Less for more than a week now.

Well, actually that should be LapTop-Less for more than a week now because I left my computer at the computer shop Wednesday last week yet, on the morning before we left for Manila. But incredibly, until today, more than a week later, my laptop is still not fixed yet. Grrr.

So I'm just posting from the kids' computer, which is not very conducive to writing because they're always breathing down my neck, waiting for me to go get up and let them do their facebook and gaming stuff.

So I'll be off now. Ciao!


Lloyd said...

Uh... unless they're actually paying for internet connectivity themselves, you have every right in the world to use "their" computers for however long you wish. ;-)

ness said...

Strict ka na parent, Lou! :-)

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

good morning dr. mils,

thanks sa greetings.

na send ba nko or dawat nimo amo invitation card sa imoa, via email?

I pray nga madayon mi diha sa Aug.23-Sept 11........see you again.

bitaw, ingon Grace Founder´s day daw SU, enjoy na pod daw si kim, laag gyd na cya diha sa inyoa campus.....

layo pa, pero i would say, see you soon,.............Gods will.

uli gyd unta ko, bernie ingon man nga NAA POD DAW CYA, gusto nya we celebrate our 50th bday together.

Diay, mokoyog cya sa uli...........happy n eager na gyd ko kaayo bisan layo pa.

thanks again.

Bonedoc said...

must be propofol (or isof) induced laptop crash.tsk.tsk. sometimes, repairs will cost almost a new laptop..If you are seeing the laptop repair shop more than twice, time to buy a new laptop!

the philippine daily idiot said...

haha, top-less. isn't it impractical to be schlepping around a laptop? you need a notebook or a netbook. :)