Sunday, February 28, 2010

Am back!

From nowhere, really. Just have been preoccupied with stuff and stuff and have sort of forgotten that I actually have a blog!!

It's been a month that I've not been here. Huwaaw.

So what's been happening this past month?

My laptop is ok now, except that they forgot to reinstall Photoshoppe and my printer. It sounds such an easy problem but really, for me, it's not. ::Sigh.::

And what else? Oh, I don't know if it's advancing age or it's the pool water, but I had little warts growing on my face. Thankfully, my dear cousin Beryl Munoz is a dermatologist and zapped the nasty warts away. Thanks, Beye!

Plus an important thing I learned: when a woman reaches the age of forty, it's important to put moisturizers on her face each night. Yey!

La di dah...


Bonedoc said...

then life forty

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

Welcome Dra..........

sus gimingaw ko sa imong mga postsssss

welcome,welcome sa world of pakulo.

bali pod ni imo last, nga needs gyd moisturizers.....lanahon na lang gyd para fatty gyd kaayo.

i am very, very happy to hear you again.......

hugsssssss hugot gyd kaayo!

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

diay kini warts sa face....duna pd akoa,....ingon nila cause of always eating fish?..pataka lang..why?

didto ko skin doc, ingon cya basta magka tigols daw hurt lang ko, kay half century pd ko naatol nga month miadto ko nya.

gitagaan ko ug cream, ingon nya di gani mawala, iya kono hiwaan gamay....

sus ning pagwapa, daghan koskos balungos.

pagwapa ba ni? ...hadlok lang modaghan, mawala akong beauty, daginoton na raba.........:-)

have a nice weekdays

Sonia said...

hey doc, your entries are getting fewer and farther in between... don't forget, your loyal fans are hanging onto your every word...and every new entry. :-)

have a nice day!