Wednesday, August 18, 2010

100% !!!!

I wanna scream
I wanna cry
I wanna jump
up and down
and fly

News just got around
the SU Med School had
blasted off the ground

Our very first graduates
all passed
the 2010 Medical Board Exam!

Cannon blast!
Let the drums roll
Let the confetti flow

SU Med School
Go! Go! Go!


Ligaya said...

COngratulations doc! I'm so happy for Silliman! :) And you really have a talent for this sort of thing. I love the way your words jump off the page with excitement.

ness said...

Dili ma describe ang kalipay, Gay. It was different when I passed the boards eons ago, it was a private thing. But this time it's a corporate joy, "it took a village to raise these kids/docs" and the satisfaction is magnified many fold.

If the words are jumping, it's because I jumped first while shouting my throat hoarse. Can't remember what I yelled, just that my throat was sore afterwards!