Saturday, August 7, 2010

Flying to Cebu for One Peso

Could it be true? Fly from Dumaguete to Cebu for only one peso?

Well, yes and no. Yes because the Cebu Pacific ticket on sale was really only ONE SHINY PESO! But no, because there were taxes to be paid amounting to 18.50 pesos therefore the actual amount that I paid was 19.50 pesos. Wheehaaa!! It will take quite a while for me to get over that!

So yesterday, this here below is the plane with propellers that flew us to Mactan International Airport in just 30 minutes from the Sibulan Airport.

This is the interior of the plane, two seats on each side, and absolutely no luggage/bags/whatever allowed under the seats. Everything had to be stowed away in the overhead bins. This being a small plane, they had to be very particular about total weight therefore they had to weigh us all, luggage AND passenger, upon check-in. It was my first time to be weighed at an airport!

(This is my seatmate, a balikbayan from somewhere. My bad that I didn't ask her permission if I could take a pic of the plane with her in the frame. Sorry po...)

And this here is our flight crew: Flight attendant Grace, First Officer Rosario (wootwoot! a female co-pilot!! hats off to you ma'am!) and Captain Kimura.

It was a very good flight and I recommend that if you like traveling sign up for low fare alerts from

P.S. In case you don't have anybody to fetch you from the Mactan International Airport, do not worry. There are two kinds of taxis available right outside the exit doors of the MIA. There are fixed rate taxis that will take you to Cebu City for 390.00 pesos and then there are metered taxis that will turn on their meters once your ride begins.

I took the metered taxi and it cost me 290.00 pesos to get to my destination. Not too bad, I think, considering how convenient everything had been so far. And besides, there were no jeepney or pedicab alternatives, anyway.

Overall assessment: It's the Way to go! Watch out for the next plane ticket sale! :-D


Travels with RV said...

you beat me on that doki! the cheapest ticket i got was Php20.00 for a january 2011 dgt-cbu flight. hehehe. musta na? :)

ness said...


wahahah my kafatid sa laag ug love for the written word!

inggit ko sa imoha kaya fly ko to singa-KL this august. :-D

kundat taman sa ginhawa, di ba?!!

Travels with RV said...

WHOA! don't forget to check-out Melacca! One bus ride ra either from KL or SG. have a safe trip doki :)

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

doc, fly diay ka SG-KL.........
unsaon mn nato pag meet?

I know very busy gyd ka.....

amo balik Sept.8-............
when man ta meet?
kana duna ky time, ug asa man ta meet?

wait ko ha?........


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

ay ako giclick ang site......

Manila to Hong Kong or Macau

Cebu to Hong Kong
P 1,999

hala, kabarato ba ani....tinood ba ni?
sutoy dayon ta barato na kaayo.

Sale Period: Aug. 20 - 22, 2010 or until seats last Travel Period: Oct. 1 - Nov. 30, 2010

kanindot ba ani.......

mao diay daghan maka adto dyon sa hk, tapos uli ra pd kono cla dayon......
kanindot ani sa?

ness said...

hi vicky,

i'll be back sept. 2 so we can meet pa!

yes, true na, sige na mag sale ang cebu pacific! you can sign up for sale alerts and they will email you kung naa na pud sale.


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hi dr. mils,

cgi, after sept. 2, amo bya balik diri sept. 8....

human na gyd mi ug pamotos, kahuman lang.
waiting na lang mi sa oras, which sascha drive us to frankfurt.

ako or ipasa lang nya ni Chris when ta magmeet ha?.......